Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ah Yes...Busy is an understatment!

Well my precious girl is a week away from being one yr. old.  I have no clue where the time has gone?!

One thing I do know though is life has gotten beyond busy.  I think my blogging history reflects how life has speed up!  Towards the beginning I was able to blog and now well...lets just say it has been awhile.

The latest with our dear baby girl is she has been walking for quite awhile but like a light bulb on Oct. 25th she started to do it all by herself and now almost runs.  The funny thing about this is we never had a crawler until now...  She also is able to stand up with no help from mommy or other objects.  Such a smart big girl!

Her ability to comprehend words, moods, fun, and etc is off the charts.  She is becoming quite the little communicator.  She LOVES to read...yes she reads.  She grabs a book  such as "I can teach my dog a lot of words" and sits down page by page and points out balls and etc.  SO CUTE!  She loves to be read to still too.  She grabs her favorites, crawls up in our lap and would be just fine with being read to for a half hour or so.  I am so glad we started reading to her right away as part of our bedtime routine!

Currently we are getting ready for her Birthday Cupcake Bash!  Next week is her "birthday" week and I can't wait to spoil her even more! 

Ah, times up someone woke up...

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