Monday, May 9, 2011

The Emie Latest!

Ah, our darling daughter!  We were blessed to have celebrated both Mothers Day and Emalyn's dedication yesterday.  May 8th, 2011 is now officially one of my top favorite days ever!

We started off the day with Josh and Emie cooking me pancakes for breakfast and Josh gave me extra time to get ready and move a little slower then I am now accustomed to (actually getting a chance to put make up on and half do my hair, no curls but at least it did get some hairspray), it was wonderful!

We then headed to church.  We had all of our immediate family members there.  My Dad, Brother, Sister (and their families).  Josh's Mom and Dad, Sister and of course Grandparents!  Being able to worship with our loved ones all in one place was breathtaking.  I looked over at Josh at one point and tears were on his cheeks due to happiness!   Our prayer is that this unity would happen every week and continue on into eternity!

Our beautiful daughter was then dedicated towards the end of the worship service and we couldn't have been more proud of her!

We continued the celebration at Great Grandma Ruby's home...again having so many of our loved ones together was beautiful and shot overwhelming joys of happiness to both Josh and much so that we both teared up again during Josh's blessing of the food.  We served egg bake, fruit, muffins, donuts, pink punch, orange juice, and Raspberry Swirl Cake (which was purchased by Grandma and Grandpa).  I love tulips so we used those as center pieces along with Cutie clementine oranges (my nephews love these)!  We also added pinwheels to the centerpieces because Emalyn LOVES them!  After the brunch we were blessed with so many wonderful gifts and cards!  We plan to take this generosity and apply it to a wagon for Emalyn.

After the brunch we had some family time between Josh, Emalyn, and myself.  We enjoyed the greenhouse at Drummers and playing in the sun with Jordan our Golden Retriever and Josh prepared Grilled Barbecued Chicken with fresh fruit for my Mothers day supper!  What an amazing man!!!

Bedtime...Emalyn must have known it was her special day and Mothers Day...happiest I have ever seen her!  So smiley and playful!  I do think she loves being home and getting quality mommy and daddy attention.  She is definitely learning how to capture our attention with more smiles and crazy antics!  She did go down to sleep very easy though...she was extremely exhausted from the busyness of the last three days.  She has helped her mommy in so many different ways and all the attention of the day made her a very sleepy little baby!

We are very blessed to have her...we are so thankful God has entrusted us to raise her in a Christian home!  We pray that she would always follow His will and that we would remain faithful to His plan for our family.  We are also so thankful that we have amazing friends and family that will be there when we aren't to direct her to follow strong christian values.

I also wanted to document 3 new milestones

April 22nd sat in High Chair for her first time (Pho restaurant)
April 22nd found her thumb and continues to use it daily : O )
May 1st can sit up by herself!!!

Since mid April - jumps wildly in her Jumperoo...  HA!  silly hand thing last thing....this was the "I forgot another pair of shoes look"
: O )

All in all...LIFE IS GOOD!


  1. Congratulations!! What a special time! Love the family picture...even Emie is smiling!