Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obsession with wanting to be British...Weather....Easter....and moving forward

It is true I so badly want to be British right now.  I want to attend the Royal Wedding wearing a fastener in my hair.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to look back in your family tree like the Royals can...dated back to the 800s (that is amazing)!

Back to the fastener or hats...I'd love to wear one.  There are so many styles but I think if I were to wear one to church next Sunday (in Minnesota) everyone would look at me in great surprise and think I am crazy.  So I must be part British, why else would I be so fascinated?  Also, I want to be called a Lady or a Lovely Lady and my husband could be called a Chap.

Just check out this architecture and creativity!

I love the fastener in the lower right side!

Okay on to reality...I do live in Minnesota and the weather is really starting to wear me down!  It has pretty much rained all of April which makes it super difficult to get outside with Emalyn.  We did hit up the YMCA pool though the other day and she sported the cutest little swim suit.  She loves the water!  Watching her get excited when she sees it is so fun

Emalyn at home before we left : O )

Easter was a lot of fun!  Seeing Emalyn experience firsts is just amazing.  Her mommy and daddy surprised her with an Easter egg hunt (okay Mommy and Daddy really did the hunting and eating of the treats).  She received Violet and a Sing a ma jig (crazy, yet VERY entertaining toy).  We then enjoyed church as a family and took over 117 pictures in the course of two days.  Here is one of my favorites.

As for now...we are continuing to work on her quilt for her bed and an adorable dress that will be aqua and yellow.  I just have a really hard time finding a nice time slot to make progress.  Hopefully when Daddy gets home from work I'll be able to find that motivation and kick some butt at getting it accomplished.  But there are always other project too!  Cleaning out my closet and transitioning from winter to spring/summer clothes is on the to do list.

Emalyns baby dedication is right around the corner too.  I ordered an adorable dress and shoes for her to wear.  But the real enjoyment will come from having so many friends and family in attendance (at church)!  We are praying for a beautiful day filled with fabulous new memories.  Another part we are looking forward to is the brunch afterwards - we are having the same kind of cake that we ordered for our wedding (raspberry swirl), the cake is compliments of Grandma and Grandpa Pratt : O )

In addition to all of that Josh has started softball two times a week and we have Emalyns 6 mo. pictures and doctors appointment coming up!  There is definitely never a dull moment at our house.  We always have something on our plate.  However, being a stay at home mommy is the best job ever!  It allows me to document these treasured moments - during nap time : O )

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