Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 mo. in just two more days

So much has changed since I last blogged.  Emalyn's personality is taking shape more and more each day.  Our schedule as of late is to get up eat breakfast together, go to the YMCA (she loves to socialize and I love to workout), take a nap, and that party hearty the rest of the day until she takes another quick nap around 5 p.m., eat super at 5:30 and then she is just a comedian until her bath and then bedtime.

I do have to laugh though because as soon as we have her do "daycare" (one hour a day at the Y) she comes down with a nasty cold.  Ah well, as my brother says..."well she got that germ so she won't get it again".  Look at the positive :)

Since I last documented her milestones theses are the lastest:
Aug. 1 Said "Hi"
Aug. 2  Started clapping (we were at her Daddy's last softball game)
Aug. 12 5th toothie
Aug. 15 Doc appt. (9 mo.) growing great.  Doc. was very impressed with her consistency in growth "GREAT GROWTH CHART"
Aug. 18 Said "Ball"
?? Unsure of date but 6th tooth came in - this was the easiest one yet (which is why I don't know the day)
Sept. 12 stands by herself - VERY SCARY for mom and dad!
Sept. 15 attends Creepers and Crawler at ECFE - this will be her fourth class with ECFE - she LOVES it!

Sidenotes- she is becoming SO social!  Loves to be with other kiddos and flirt (oh boy).  Also, I'm not quite sure what day it was but she is able to say "bye" and she loves to wave at people too.

As for our future plans...we are starting to plan her birthday party.  I can't believe it has been almost a year.  I will be true to form and turn this into a HUGE celebration for her.  You only turn one once after all :) 

Also, she will be receiving her very first passport!  In January we will be traveling to Miami, then the Bahamas and then staying in Orlando for a week.  I'm SO excited to watch her experience these things!  YAY for family vacations when its super cold in Minnesota!

She is all laughs and giggles - super fun kid!  She LoVEs her puppies!!!

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