Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Been Too LONG...

It seems as though this summer is flying by!  I am in awe that it is mid July and that our beautiful baby is already 8 months old.

I am starting to struggle with the fact that Emalyn is growing up so fast.  One of the biggest tough spots is she is starting to ween herself from nursing.  She is starting to eat more and more so she primarily nurses in the morning and in the evening (and maybe early early morning).  I can't express how much I value that time with her.  The idea of giving her formula (haven't gone there yet) during the day time hours is eating away at me.  I should be thankful but it is so hard to see her grow but also as she grows she is capturing me with her beauty, intelligance, and sense of humor that develops more and more each day.  She is such a precious person!  I am extremely blessed to have my beautiful child!  I never would have guessed I would be able to possess that much love for someone - just thinking about her brings tears to my eyes.  I REALLY LOVE HER!

Another tough spot is 2 hours after she goes to bed for the night.  I miss her something terrible.  I will literally lay in bed looking at pictures and reflecting on the new things she discovered or taught me.  I love sharing stories with Josh about our little girl.  Last night it was - Do you think she'll think my wedding dress is out of fashion when it is her time to marry?"

She has the best personality...last night before she went to bed (and almost every night before her little bed time ritual) she plays in the living room for an hour or so.  I was holding her by her arms and said "Kaboom" and she would fall on her little tushy each time.  SO STINKIN' CUTE!  The list could go on and on!

We are just so blessed to have our little girl - I don't know if I had mentioned this before but we had contemplated adoption since it was taking a little while to get pregnant.  Adoption is something I still would love to do!  I am so thankful God blessed us with her though - I think that wait period made this all that much more special.  It is so great to see little sparks of both our personalities shed light in hers!

As for new milestones:

June 27th - first tooth lower right middle (very tough)
June 29th - second tooth lower left middle (very tough)
July 15th - third tooth upper right middle (not as bad as the other two/uncomfortable for a day)
July 17 - figured out a more advanced toy - levers, buttons, pop up things - I WAS SO PROUD!


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