Monday, August 1, 2011

And the latest...

I have a moment to spare!  Life has been getting more hectic lately and its the pits.  My baby girl is growing up way too fast for life to go at this fast speed.  I am constantly trying to remind myself to slow down. 

I had a wonderful lunch with my sister today...calming, centering, and quite honestly there is nothing like my family mixed with a good ole' sister chat!  I am so grateful for my brother and sister and their families!  I am thankful that we just "get eachother", its easy, calming, not filled with drama...just fellowship, laughs, and true/pure sincerity!

Alright...back to Emalyn and my family!  The little girl cracks me up!!  She is absolutely adorable around my family...she has known who Josh and I are for quite awhile but watching her bond and get so excited when she sees all of them...especially...Kenzie, Austin, Carsen, Jake, Derek, and Tyler...she LOVES their hair.  I don't know if they like it so much but I guess that is what bigger cousins are let the little one get her way : O )  There is nothing better than watching her learn who her family is and gain that sense of appreciation for them!  She sure lights up when she sees them!

She has added on to her antics and her milestones too:  She said Daddy for the first time on July 30th - she was taking a bath and out popped the cute little word!  I was very excited a few weeks back when she said "Momma" but I must say " Da da dada Dada" is becoming a favorite.  When Josh left for work this morning I heard it out of her cute little mouth for a couple hours...then she napped...but shortly there after we met up with Josh for lunch and back to her favorite word she was..."Da da"  I think it is safe to say they both are smitten with eachother!  I find "momma" comes out when she needs something and "dada" when she is feeling spunky.

She also added another tooth to the mix...her upper right one is now peeking in.  I will say this one hasn't given her any trouble which I am VERY thankful for!

Also, her other latest development is she is way too big for baby food anymore.  She loves to eat what we are eating...her favorite is bread or whole wheat Saltines. 

All and all she is a doll and loves to be loved!  She is a cuddle bug!  We enjoy her so much - she is a little piece of heaven!

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